Android Professional Training

Building your own Android apps. Led by experienced mentors.

Learn how to build

excellent Android apps

that works in real world

The biggest challenge of Information Technology world is to follow its progress very quickly. New product or innovation can arise at any time and inevitably we must adapt to that kind of new product or innovation. One of the latest one is the announcement of Android Marshmallow from Google.

As activists in the world of Information Technology, of course, the emergence of these new operating systems must be balanced with the ability or mastery of the new system. Therefore, DycodeEdu organizes Android Professional Training to help developers in Indonesia to follow the vibrant development of the technology especially Google’s mobile ecosystem.

Android App Development

Learn how to create your great Android app using Google’s latest Software Development Kit that supports latest operating system, Android Marshmallow. This training helps you to understand how to create and develop a functional, yet good looking Android application.

Android Development for Beginners

This weekend class is for anyone who really enthusiast to learn Android development, even you don’t have any programming experience. You’re going to start learning how to get started in Android development scene on weekend. So, you can start create your apps on Monday!

In House Training – Android App Development

If your company or university want to hold an in-house training for Android App Development, we can make it come true with our integrated syllabus and professional trainers. Ask us for more detail.