Android App Development

This course will bring you to the joy and sweetness of world’s largest mobile platform ecosystem from Google. Here we’re not just learning how to build an ordinary Android app, but also help you to rock the world by building awesome and good-looking app for the world.

DyCode starts conducting Android App Development Training for the first time in 2015. We open regular class, which’s conducted once in 2 months in DyPlex. Also, we provide in-house training for company which’s held training in accordance with the collective agreement regarding the time, type of training, as well as other details.

Jump into the course and go home with a real-world working, yet sweet Android apps!


  • Understand how Android works as a mobile operating system comprehensively.
  • Able to create and develop a functional, yet good looking Android application using Android Studio


Basic Level

No Topic Duration (hours) Day
1 Introduction to Android development 2 1
2 Prepare development environment, Android Studio 2
3 Your first Android app 2
4 Java and OOP at a glance 2 2
5 MVC concept, Activity lifecycle 2
6 UI Fragments and the Fragment Manager 2
7 ListView, GridView, RecyclerView, ViewPager 4 3
8 Assets, Layouts and Widgets 2
9 Dialogs, Toolbar 1 4
10 Intents 2
11 Content Provider with SQLite 3
12 Multithreading 2 5
13 Working with REST API 2
14 Common used 3rd party libraries 2
Total 30

Technical Requirements

Hardware requirements

  • Laptop or desktop PC, or Mac:
    • 4GB RAM
    • Dual core or more processor
    • 20GB free space hard disk

Software requirements

  • Android Studio (latest version)
  • Asset Resizer (for OS X) or similar tool for resizing assets in Android

Student Requirements

Participants should already have previous programming experience (in any language and framework).

Device Renting

If you can’t bring any PC or Mac, DyCode can help you providing you the device by renting it for Rp300.000/device/day* (only for Regular Training)

*Pricing and availability of device may be changed by time. Devices that will be rented are owned by 3rd party, but we can help to find it for you.


To get information about our upcoming Android App Development Training class schedule, please contact us by e-mail.


Basic - 3

IDR 2.990.000

per Participant
  • 3-day syllabus
  • Minimum 2 participants
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Basic - 5

IDR 4.990.000

per Participant
  • 5-day syllabus
  • Minimum 2 participants
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