Global Azure Bootcamp 2018
Bandung - Indonesia


DyCode Edu is again proudly hosting this year’s Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 - Bandung on April 21nd, 2018 at Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis, Ruang B1, UNPAD Dipatiukur ! It’s an annual worldwide community-driven event, everything about Azure. Held concurrently in 2 other locations in Indonesia alone as well as hundreds others worldwide. DycodeEdu as a community and educational branch of the Bandung-based IT consultant company which support the dissemination of Azure on local developers - yet again, we're calling for developers who fascinated with Azure services and devoted their self to be a true developers.

Deep Dive Sessions

With a whole day of deep dive sessions on Azure for Developers and IT Pro, this year’s speakers will help you tackle complex, real world topics like App Services, as well as Internet of Things.

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Just bring yourself (or a friend or two) as Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 - is free to register! Simply click on the ‘Register’ button above and you’re all set. Not only that, there are also a lot of IoT SWAGs from our sponsors!


Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 - Bandung will commence at Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis, Ruang B1, UNPAD Dipatiukur on April 21nd, 2018, from 9AM - 5PM. This one-day session will cover real world how-to’s such as:

“CI / CD for Azure Web Apps”

Azure Bot Service

Azure IoT Central

Azure Container Service


Andri Yadi

Andri Yadi

CEO DyCode dan Microsoft MVP, Azure

Andri is a proud coder for 18 years, and a self-taught entrepreneur for 12 years. He is also the co-founder of DyCode, a leading, 9 years mobile app solutions development company, one of early players in (modern) mobile app industry in Indonesia. He is the co-creator of well-known award-winning products, such as Movreak and Jepret products family. He is also an educator and influencer around development and entrepreneurship in mobile app, IoT, and startup scene in Indonesia, which he has been delivering 100+ talks, classes, and conferences around those areas. He co-founded 5 developer communities, including the first iOS developer community in Indonesia, which he still serves as the president.

Andri Yadi

Alwin Arrasyid

IoT Software Lead, DycodeX

Alwin Arrasyid is a software engineer who currently works as Lead Software Engineer at DycodeX. Alwin is experienced in building firmware for microcontrollers using C/C++ as well as building back-end software using Node.js. Alwin has spoken at PyCon ID 2017 representing DycodeX, Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 at Bandung, and various IoT related events in the last year. Alwin is currently interested in building distributed system and data science field.

Andri Yadi

Rudi Hartono

Senior Software Engineer, Radya Labs

Rudi Hartono has become a .NET Developer for 5 years, experienced developing windows phone, desktop and And is currently developing a web app utilizing SignalR and .Net Core.

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