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The biggest challenge of Information Technology world is to follow its progress very quickly. New product or innovation can arise at any time and inevitably we must adapt to that kind of new product or innovation. One of the latest one is the announcement of iOS 12, tvOS and watchOS from Apple.

As activists in the world of Information Technology, of course, the emergence of these new operating systems must be balanced with the ability or mastery of the new system. Therefore, DycodeEdu organizes iOS Professional Training to help developers in Indonesia to follow the rapid development of the technology especially Apple’s mobile ecosystem.

iOS App Development with Swift

Learn how to create your awesome iOS app using Apple’s latest programming language, Swift. This training helps you to understand how iOS works very comprehensively and adapt Swift in developing a functional, yet very good looking iOS application.

iOS App Development with Objective-C

Eager to use Objective-C? This training helps you to understand how iOS works very comprehensively and use Objective-C in developing a functional iOS application.

iOS Game Development

Create your cool iOS game in Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 9. This training helps you to understand how iOS works very comprehensively and to develop a cool-looking and fun iOS game.

iOS App Testing

So, you’ve finished developing your awesome app, and can’t wait to have your users get their hand on it. But how certain are you that your app will be fully functional? Will it crash out of the blue? Will it slow? What about the users in the 3rd countries that don’t have stable 3G connection, how your app will behave if it find slow network?

If you have even a slight doubt, why don’t you test your app before publishing it. This course covers various testing and simulation scenario to make sure your app will behave as expected.

One-Day iOS Development Workshop

This one-day workshop guides you how iOS works in developer’s perspective and how to create a functional iOS application using Apple’s latest technology and development tools.

In House Training – iOS App Development

If your company or university want to hold an in-house training for iOS App Development, we can make it come true with our integrated syllabus and professional trainers. Ask us for more detail.