iOS App Testing

So, you’ve finished developing your awesome app, and can’t wait to have your users get their hand on it. But how certain are you that your app will be fully functional? Will it crash out of the blue? Will it slow? What about the users in the 3rd countries that don’t have stable 3G connection, how your app will behave if it find slow network?

If you have even a slight doubt, why don’t you test your app before publishing it. This course covers various testing and simulation scenario to make sure your app will behave as expected.

Covered Topics

  • Overview of iOS SDK and Xcode
  • iOS Simulator
  • Unit Testing with XCTest
  • UIAutomation frameworks
  • Instruments
  • Other 3rd party tools and frameworks related to testing
  • iOS app submission process


No Topic Hour Day
1 Introduction to iOS Architecture and SDK 1 1
2 Getting along with Xcode and iOS Simulator 2
3 Simulating real world scenarios with Simualtor 2
4 Getting iOS app installed on the real devices 1
5 Introduction to iOS app testing 2 2
6 Write your first iOS unit testing with XCTest 2
7 Various unit testing frameworks 2
8 iOS Acceptance Testing 2 3
9 UI Automation framework 2
10 Various UI automation tools and frameworks 2
11 Know your app more with Instruments 4 4
12 iOS app submission 2

Technical Requirements

Hardware requirements

  • Mac hardware: iMac, Mac mini, Macbook/Macbook Pro, Mac Pro
  • Mac with Intel processor: at least 2.26 GHz
  • At least 8 GB RAM
  • Hard-drive free space: 20 GB
  • Actual device is recommended: iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Software requirements

  • Latest version of OS X
  • Latest version of Xcode
  • Latest version of iTunes

Student Requirements

This course assume that you have at least basic knowledge to develop iOS app with Objective-C or Swift

Device Renting

If you can’t bring any Mac devices, DyCode can help you providing you the device by renting it for Rp300.000/device/day* (only for Regular Training)

*Pricing and availability of device may be changed by time. Devices that will be rented are owned by 3rd party, but we can help to find it for you.


To get information about our upcoming iOS App Testing class schedule, please contact us by e-mail.


App Testing

Rp 8.990.000

Per Participant
  • 4-days syllabus
  • Covers various testing and simulation scenario
  • Minimum 2 participants
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