I will definitely make again. I’ve made it numerous times and it’s always a huge hit. Amazing. More sage is always good. I have made this galette no less than 15 times since you posted the recipe two months ago. Galettes are the very best way to bring pie into your everyday life — and yes, I believe your everyday life deserves baked fruit in a buttery, flaky shell — because everything about them is easier. Seems the savory recipes do have it. For Caramelized Onions. Perfect! Any suggestions on a meat pairing? After much maneuvering and cursing, I managed to get it onto my baking sheet looking more like an exploded hamentashen than a galette. Thanks so much for the inspiring recipes, both on your site and in your cookbook! I’m thinking it’d be a great brunch dish too. We ate them in those first few months when we barely had time to cook and it was such a treat. I never, ever comment on blogs but this galette is amazing enough to make me move from lurker to commenter. Once again, another solid recipe. Broccolini Melts. I didn’t have cayenne so I used black pepper and a little extra salt – otherwise made to the T- will be making this again and again. This has been one of my favorite recipes for years – I make it every Christmas and use it to introduce others to your wonderful blog (and now cookbook!). Maybe for something sweet? This was my first time making my own crust and I was not successful in getting it to roll out thinly enough in order to have extra to fold over the edge. July 2020. I love galettes because they are so forgiving – no need for perfect circles. I was worried that a rolling pin was involved, but this was shockingly easy. Thank you! “mull over all of its cider”…I love your writing, Deb. I wanted to eat the whole galette, but restrained myself! Tasted fantastic. Delicious! Did everything exactly as the recipe said, the time it takes to make this is well worth it, this is definitely going into my recipe book! I’m a fan! The fresh sage was a great addition. Wow! 3) Used gouda instead of fontina because I already had some. … and then assemble it all rather quickly on the day you want to cook it. Going to try the mushroom one for next festive occasion. I subbed ACV for the lemon juice.other than that, followed recipe to a tee- oh, didn’t have fontina, so I had some aged gouda and parmigiano reggiano and used that. You are the best! I made this last night for dinner – delicious! 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice The second time I made it, I increased the crust recipe by half so I had 1 1/2 recipes total. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour or up to 48 hours, or you can quick-firm this in the freezer for 15 minutes. Might you be able to recommend a reliable method/ratio of substituting almond flour for wheat flour for making this recipe and or general baking purposes? I made this to bring to Christmas Eve dinner and it was a HUGE hit! Then you can just move the parchment paper to the pan. I LOVE this recipe. Thank you again for all your recipes, your wit and your ability to make food more accessible. I am thinking about making this as an appetizer for a Thanksgiving themed dinner party this weekend, but since I have 18 people to feed, was hoping to do a “finger food” version. Can I bake this on a pizza stone to help avoid ‘soggy bottom’…. I made this last night with just a sprinkle of parmesan on top. Even though from what I read it seemed that working with warm pie dough is VERBOTEN I had to let it warm up a lot before i could roll any shape out. Thank you for sharing the recipe! It comes out flaky like croissant dough even using only the all purpose flour- this is by far the best pastry dough I’ve ever made! My friend made this and brought to my halloween party. I forgot to add that I also put in diced apple with the onions – great texture and complementary flavor! Very suave and much more personable than the other ladies. Oh the flakes! Ooh, I’ve got a butternut squash sitting on my kitchen counter too! Eagerly awaiting your answer! It was just a little sweet which means it can be breakfast tomorrow:) I didn’t have tapioca starch, so I used arrowroot powder instead. Will be my go-to crust from now on. Thursday 12 November 2020. I substitute blue cheese for the fontina as I love the contrast of salty to the sweet onions and squash. We headed upstate last year for the weekend and stayed at the most sigh-worthy B&B–where every window is ringed with tiles of stained glass and a man named Richard makes you amaretto-brushed French toast on Sundays–and made a point to get back there this year. I love fall. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes, and neither can my mom (who does not cook, ever – so wow!). I have a mini cupcake pan I would use. I’m not usually much of a fan of winter squash, so I might have passed it by at a potluck. But, since you asked me personally, I like this with a dry white. Might try Italian plums with a hint of cinnamon next. I wonder if freezing the baked version would have been better…but I don’t feel like experimenting to try it! They loved them! I made it . Recipes. This free-form tart is just the embodiment of fall to me: weightier than a tomato tart, lighter than a thousand mushroom quiche and absolutely glorious with a good, rich stout. Love your recipes! Your blog helped a lot with my pie crust skillz too :) The picts and instructions are really great – I like how you not only say what to do, but things not to do, or things that don’t work. I am obsessed with galettes and this dough is the best dough for them. Imagine how good it would’ve been if I’d actually followed the recipe! If you’d like to form your galette into a star, as shown, use the red dashed outline of the PDF template mentioned above. Not as lovely as daytime, but ten times better than (at least my) previous evening pictures. I made it for a squash hater and he loved it. Thank you for the terrific recipe. Very very tasty! I’m giving birth at the beginning of August and I was planning to freeze doughs in mid-July so when people come to see the baby I can just pop it out and lay it flat, fill it, oven, and woooow everybody’s impressed at my baking skills with a newborn! … or would it also do Something Very Bad? Love this pastry dough and thinking about trying it (doubling, maybe?) I was also thrilled with how well the crust held up to *gasp* microwave reheating at work the next day. Can I sub plain yogurt for the sour cream? Then just transfer paper+crust onto baking sheet? your blog is fantastic definitely a feast for the eyes and tummy. Everyone raved. any-kind-of-fruit galette. 1/4 cup sour cream or plain yogurt I was sad. I have the same question. (I, too, had to add a little flour to make the dough less sticky, maybe since the butter wasn’t frozen?) I paired it with a pan seared duck breast served as medallions along with medallions of chirizo sausage and medallions of maple brown sugar sausage. Anyways, I filled it with crema pastelera and quince, and it tastes good! OMG… this is delicious. :). Huggs to you and kisses to your family.. Are you sure they were grown in this here galaxy? New here? I totally agree – I just want to keep making this crust and coming up with new things to fill it with! I did create a shortcut or two. Wish we could post pictures. Not today! . It was a “clean out the fridge Friday”. Bake until golden brown, 30 to 40 minutes. Made this for a winemaker’s luncheon and it turned out perfect. Serves 8? PERFECT. Thanks smitten kitchen! am making it as i type…my house smells amazing!